Bryan (untested) wrote,


For those who have seen this truly dark movie...who else has come out of it with a small and abiding sense of hope?

I had originally thought that this was the way most people would see it, but instead I find that most of those I've spoken to really haven't seen anything of the sort.

I dunno. In the face of the many wretched things that happened, at the end everyone was still trying to find their slice of the fabled but unattainable "happiness". Even the son of the pedophile whose name I have forgotten started his quest for happiness. And it may drag him through all the horrible places his whole family has been, but he'll at least try for it. Like everyone tries for it. Like everyone must. And I suddenly felt as if my making do with calm was the true tragedy. It makes it that much easier to bear all the times I fall down to know that until my last breath, I will get back up and try again.

Perhaps I was reading too much into it. I'd really like to know if anyone else saw something more than despair.
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